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beekeeping foundation sheet Pure for Sale

The beeswax comb foundation sheet is in thin sheet of pure beeswax, with the cell bases on both sides in the same hexagonal shape as produced naturally by honeybees. 

Comb foundation is placed within a wooden frame before installation in the hive. Our beeswax comb foundations, ideal for both Italian bees and asian bees, are made with our expertise.

The life of our Comb Foundation if stored in its original packaging in dry conditions is indefinite.

comb foundation

Manufactured in our factory at Sumner Park, these are the standard medium brood foundation sheets made from pure beeswax. 

Your honeybees generate around 5Kg of bees wax per annum if you are harvesting twice a year as well as conducting regular maintenance of the brood chamber.

How to install beeswax foundation sheet

Since we manufacture our own beeswax foundation, we control the quality and production from start to end.

Your beeswax is a valuable byproduct of honey production.

We will purchase your beeswax at current prices, or mill it into foundation at very economical rates.

Beeswax is also available in block form or flat ribbon.

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